Who We Are

Integrity. Quality. Excellence.

Since our founding, HTI Glass & Construction has built a reputation for integrity, quality work, and excellent service. We specialize in commercial glazing including storefronts, curtain walls, multi-family homes, universities, student housing, public works projects, restaurants, hospitality, retail stores, high-end buildings, glass handrails, windows and doors (vinyl, aluminum, fire rated, wood, and steel).

HTI Glass & Construction offers fast, efficient, and reliable bids. We are your one-stop-shop for reputable, premium work that is installed accurately and safely. Our in-house capabilities allow us to control every step of the process from value engineering and fabrication to supply and installation. We serve all of Northern California and take pride in surpassing expectations while delivering high caliber products with superior service.

“Excellence can be achieved through diligence, grit, and experience.”

— R.G., CEO

“Glass continues to inspire me; it is the ‘eyes’ of any great architectural feat. Without it, we would be in the dark.”

— R.G., CEO

What Sets Us Apart

Teamwork. Experience. Work Ethic.

Our team at HTI Glass & Construction comprises experienced, talented professionals who aim to exceed industry standards and customer expectations not only by exhibiting an exemplary work ethic, but also by cultivating genuine relationships with our clients and our community. Our team brings unique ingenuity to challenging projects, looking for ways to work with our customers by navigating issues, adapting construction schedules, and ensuring that completion is on time and within budget.

Our Values

HTI Glass & Construction strives to meet our fullest potential through our core values while meeting the needs of our clients and our community.

  • Integrity. HTI Glass & Construction values doing the right thing. Whether it be in the community or in the office, we strive to live and work with respect, integrity, and honesty.
  • Excellence. Our team values excellence in the office, the field, and in each of our business and customer relationships. We aim for the highest quality standard; it is our passion and our never-ending pursuit.
  • Grit. We value perseveranceand persistencein challenging projectsand take great pride in a job well done. 
  • A Balanced Life. HTI Glass & Construction values a well-balanced, wholesome, and thriving life. We believe this comes through the healthy integration of work, life and family activities, and giving back to our community. 
  • Respect for Each Team Member. We value our diverse workforce by investing in each team member through mentoring, training, and career development. Our desire is to empower our team members to continually improve in their field and realize their full potential. 
  • Safety. HTI Glass & Construction values safety. We stand on the principle that no project is fully successful unless built safely.  

“Our team has a commitment to excellence by striving to define the standards in the glazing and construction industry.”

— R.G., CEO

Our Vision

HTI Glass & Construction’s vision is to lead our industry not only in building quality glazing systems, but also in integrity by placing human value and relationships before the bottom line.

“What excites me about glazing is using a product that has the capacity for transparency, strength, and the stability to withstand millennia.”

— R.G., CEO

Our Mission

To be faithful stewards of everything that has been entrusted to us. 

To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with us. 

To make our communities better, by giving back with our resources, time, and hearts. 

To transform the construction culture by offering employment opportunities that grow the individual and help build a culture of integrity with each project. 

“Glass literally transforms a building thus transforming our lives.”

— R.G., CEO

We Do Good Work

We believe that doing good work starts at our job and flows out into our communities.

We are passionate about doing good work that changes the lives of individuals and our communities. 

We serve, support and work with local and overseas charitable organizations. 

We are passionate about orphan care, at-risk youth, supporting local schools, and community restoration. 

“Our company’s desire is to be the vehicle to help bring transformation to hearts, homes, and communities.”

— R.G., CEO

We Love Giving Back

HTI bought a new diesel van for an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where we also support full-time caretakers and children.

We Love Giving Back

Our team funded and helped build a local Northern California project that provides housing for at-risk youth.